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Purple Passion Home Set

Price: $299.00 USD
Shipping Fee: $11.00 USD
Stock: 5
Purple Passion Home Decorating Crystal Set
Ways to display your Crystals and Stones.
Displaying crystals throughout your home brings Peace and Tranquility. Properly grouped for their properties, crystals and stones, can increase
Well Being
Keep out Negativity
Protection from; theft,fire, water and other disasters
As well as making you just feel good having such beautiful treasures around you
All items can be customized for their properties and your individual needs
This grouped display of:
Large bowl
3 small bowls
Large Zippered Pouch Crystal Carrier
Coaster Display
Small Purse Crystal Carrier
Including all Crystals as is
The large Amethyst Druze , The Lemurian Crown and small Amethyst Tower are for display only and not for sale or included in the price
This Set can be customized
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