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Custom Body Mind and Soul Package

Price: $833.88 USD
This is the Ultimate Package to start taking control of your Body, Mind and Soul
Including a Soul Repatterning with Soul Core Healing
3 Healing and Clearing Sessions
A full Chakra balancing, clearing and healing
Two 30 minutes supporting chat sessions
If you unsure about any of the described services, I will make audio explanations available to you by request!!

First one before the Soul Repatterning to evaluate and assess your needs and problems which have to be solved in priority
Second one after we finished the last session to assure full success and you will have a chance to point out anything that still needs some "fixing"
This package will stretch over 3 months but can be adjusted to 2 months if necessary
All the services will be scheduled and performed at the agreed date and time
If for any reason there is a problem in keeping the appointment, please contact me by email as soon as possible to avoid loosing you scheduled time spot and so we can reschedule. Unless you facing a real emergency and are unable to contact me, if on the day of the scheduled session you unavailable, you will loose your right to this day and session
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